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InterNACHI AZ Chapter Inaugural Meeting
Five Free Termite Inspections for Your Clients. (Restricted areas) Courtesy of Preferred Pest Control LLC.  Five separate drawings for one free inspection each drawing.
Free Training to become an Arizona Termite Inspector. One certified Arizona home inspector will win. How awesome is that. A very natural added value service to the client and another financial stream for the inspector. (Must be able to meet AZ state eligibility requirements and pay for fees related to exams, licensing, etc....) Preferred Pest Control LLC 8315 will take care of the training to get you there. Acceptable contract terms must be reached between recipient and Preferred Pest Control LLC in order for you to operate in the capacity of Termite Inspector in Arizona. Winner will be determined by random drawing at the Event Feb 8th, 2017. Must be present to win.
Free Flir TG165/167 or comparable spot thermal imager will be given away at the event by drawing if we achieve a minimum attendance of 50 Certified Home Inspectors for the Inaugural meeting on Feb 8th, 2017. This item will be ordered upon verification of minimum attendance at the event and delivered to the winner when it arrives in Feb 2017. Courtesy of Preferred Landmark Home Services LLC 8315. One prize by drawing for the event. (Approximate 400.00 dollar value)

Lots of Free Door Prizes. We will be providing many tools of the trade for those who attend this great event.  Must be present to win.
Keep checking back as the list of prizes grows!
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